Original Chocolate

Original Chocolate

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The Chocolate Bubba Bar was our very first bar and is still a popular choice today.  

This bar includes a tasty blend of quality products including protein star: peanuts. They are a great source of folate, which supports healthy blood cells and proper nerve function. Bubba Bar will fuel your pre- or post-workout, give you an in-game boost or just help sustain hunger throughout the day. And, as all our delicious bars, includes a superb blend of highly nutritional heart healthy flax, chia and hemp seeds.

Ingredients: Brown crisp rice puffs, Premium whey protein isolate, whole oat flour, whole oats, flax, chia, & hemp seeds, peanuts, natural peanut butter, raisins, raw clover honey, 70% premium dark chocolate, extra-virgin olive oil, vanilla extract.

**This Bar Contains: 13 grams of Protein & 6 grams of Fiber** Bar size: 1.9 ounce